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New Account Emails for Continuing Education Online

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New Account Emails for Continuing Education Online
by UWS CE Administrator - Monday, July 20, 2015, 3:00 PM
UWS is transitioning to a brand new CE Online site.
We are transferring accounts from the older site to the new site, so many of our regular users will not have to create new accounts (just a new password). As a result of this transfer, you may have received a message stating that a new account was created at “Continuing Education” (ceonline.uws.edu). You may update your account information and password for the new site at this time.
Please watch for another announcement coming soon stating when the new CE Online site will be officially launched and when all courses are available for registration.
If you have any questions about the transition or our new course offerings, please contact UWS Continuing Education at ce@uws.edu.