Introduction to Functional Medicine

This course is an introduction to the principles and practice of functional medicine. Functional medicine includes both a conceptual vision for how healthcare is implemented as well as a concrete framework for patient assessment and management. The goal of functional medicine is more comprehensive and effective patient care, accomplished by expanding individual practitioners’ understanding of their patients’ health needs and integrating their contributions, within their scope of practice, to a collaborative care plan. Methods of implementing functional medicine strategies in an existing practice are explored. Specific applications of the functional medicine model are discussed for patients with metabolic syndrome and osteoarthritis. Emphasis is given to the ways in which disease pathophysiology and patient individuality should inform the clinician’s approach.

Course goals

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

    • Identify the elements that define a functional medicine approach
    • Recall the key clinical relationships highlighted in the conditions discussed
    • Recognize connections between nutritional interventions and health outcomes
    • Select the non-invasive strategies that best support functional medicine care

Course structure

  1. Lessons. The content in each unit is broken down into navigable lessons.
  2. Quizzes. There are brief quizzes to assess your understanding of the course material. CE credit for the course is awarded upon successful completion of the quizzes. You must score 80% on all quizzes to receive the Certificate of Completion. All of the quizzes may be retaken as necessary.
  3. Time. This system tracks the time you spend online in the course. As this is a 3-hour course, to be able to print your certificate, you must spend at least 85% of the CE hours actively engaged in the course.

Cost of course - $75

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